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The Process

designTAO strives to provide our clients with affordable web design solutions. From concept to completion, designTAO takes pride in providing great customer service, and timely completion of web design projects!


Consultation is the first step in your web design or redesign project. We listen to your needs, assess what will work for you, and provide you with an accurate design quote!


Once we've got a design concept, it's time to construct your website! During this period, we will keep you updated with timely project snapshots so you can follow along with development!


When the work is done, it's time for you to evaluate it and for us to make any necessary changes that you request. When you sign off, we process and put your new website online! Like magic!

Design Now For Tomorrow!

DesignTAO specializes in mobile ready responsive web design and provides leading edge design techniques to insure that your business or personal website takes full advantage of modern web browsing technology!

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Dedicated Mobile Websites
  • Content Management
  • Website Administration
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Web Hosting

Responsive Design

Your potential and existing clients are on the go, and getting valuable information to them means ensuring that your business or personal website functions across a wide range of devices. Mobile responsive web design takes advantage of new coding standards to make one site which will be viewable and easily navigable across multiple display sizes. We can assist you with a website redesign that will maintain your brand identity while allowing your website visitors to enjoy a hassle free browsing experience.

Dedicated Mobile Websites

Still in love with your current buisness or personal website design? No problem! DesignTAO can help you create a dedicated mobile website to compliment your current business or personal website! A dedicated mobile website will reside alongside your current website, but will only be accessible to clients who are using smartphone or tablet devices. Now you can have the best of both worlds while giving your website visitors a smooth browsing experience from their desktop, laptop or handheld devices!

Content Management

Are you looking for a website which provides you with more control over your content? Why not consider using a Content Management System (CMS) which will allow you with easy access and dedicated support for content updates, blog posts, and visitor statistics and tracking. DesignTAO provides support for custom Wordpress installations and setup, content placement and server side technical support. We can build your Wordpress site from the ground up, or assist you with the installation and setup of your Wordpress template!

Website Administration

If you are updating your current website content, but are concerned about getting it right - or if you require regular content updates to your company blog or current events section, DesignTAO provides dedicated website administration support for clients who take their web presence seriously.

Social Media

It is a long established fact that having a proactive social media presence integrated with your business or personal website can have a huge effect on your website traffic and ultimately your bottom line! DesignTAO provides assistance for setup, maintenance and integration of social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram into your new or existing website design!

Web Hosting

DesignTAO is pleased to provide our web design clients with affordable web hosting choices for their new or existing buisness or personal websites! Our hosting services include super fast Litespeed server technology, regular website backups and server side maintenance and support. Make sure to inquire about our hosting solutions when discussing your web design project!

Selected Works

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